Kelly J Abbott Short Story Contest

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Contests open to anyone 18+ only. 

Kelly J Abbott's contests are designed to give winners an opportunity to earn a higher award prize payout while they are busy perfecting their craft. Artists work hard and put a lot of time and energy into their writings, paintings & photography and deserve to be compensated accordingly.

50% of collected entry fees will be paid to 1st-3rd, with 1st receiving the majority and 3rd the least. Since awards depend on the number of entries, I encourage you tell all your friends and family to enter to increase prize amount. (The other 50% is for Submittable membership, advertising, marketing, banking fees, PayPal, Stripe and judging time).

It is up to the discretion of the artist if they would also like their winning submission published on the Facebook group page. 

Only submit an entry in accordance with the genre or contest type, all others will be disqualified, your entry fee will not be refunded. 

We will have multiple contests running through the year based on peom/poetry, short-story fiction, romance, science-fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller, mystery, children stories, art, paintings, photography and more.

Winners of the Horror/Thriller/Mystery Short Story Contest deadline October 1, 2019 have been announced!

1st place $1700cad: 

FAMILY MATTERS by William Morales from Virginia, USA

2nd place $550cad:

FINN by Sarah Paris from Colorado, USA

3rd place $300cad:

CRAB FREEDOM by Chad Lutz from Ohio, USA

Winners of the Horror/Thriller/Mystery Short Story Contest deadline November 1, 2019 have been announced!

1st place $525cad:

BOUND BY MARY LYNCH by Cady Wakitsch from Illinois, USA

2nd place $175cad:

OBSESSION by Daniel Gregorash from Drumheller, AB, CANADA

There was a tie for 3rd $75cad each: 


Rebecca White from Brooklyn, NY, USA

Geneviève Côté - all other info was requested anonymous

Winners of the Open Genre Short Story Contest deadline date January 15, 2020 have been announced!

1st place $550cad: 

I WONT’T TELL... by Ed Bonilla from Stockton, California,USA 

2nd place $300cad: 

HAND-CRAFTED by Polina Simakova Polina Sim(Agrippina Domanski) 

Location to remain anonymous.

3rd place $100cad:

THE DEAL OF THE DAMNED by William Morales from Dumfries, VA, USA


Kelly J Abbott Short Story Contest